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 Del Salvador 348, Puerto Varas, X Región

Located in the heart of the city of Puerto Varas, on avenue Salvador 348, owned by the Municipality of Puerto Varas and managed by Sendero de Chile since 2012, with the collaboration of Austral University of Chile.

This small gallery is located in a place with great influx of public and tourists, exhibitsan an interactive display of images and sounds of different species of fauna of the south of Chile. It is open to public year-round.

The gallery organizes environmental education activities and hiking expeditions to the historic city center, birdwatching on Llanquihue lake and nearby wetlands, as well as volcanology in the Osorno volcano.

It also serves as a meeting point and hub for the promotion of environmental and cultural activities organized by the community and the regional committee of environmental education of Los Lagos region of Chile.

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