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Plaza México, Parque Metropolitano, San Cristóbal Hill, Santiago de Chile

Vivero Cumbre is located in Parque Metropolitano of Santiago in sector Plaza México, along the path that leads to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal, steps from the funicular and cable car stations.


In a cooperation agreement with Parque Metropolitano, Vivero Cumbre is administered by Fundación Sendero de Chile as a center for environmental and cultural education based on hiking and principles of sustainability.


The center covers a total of 0.8 hectares of slight inclination that was used 100 years ago to for the construction of terraces and paved plots for cultivation following the centennial tradition of Andean peoples. For many decades the land was used as a nursery to support reforestation programs of Cerro San Cristóbal, but was abandoned at the turn of the century.

The land includes pedestrian trails with spectacular views of the city and surrounding mountains with three buildings utilized as offices, a warehouse which was recently converted to a multipurpose room that includes an auditorium and covered terrace, and a natural amphitheatre.


From here, Fundación Sendero de Chile offers a spread of programs that combine:

  • Cultural and natural hiking experiences

  • Training and workshops of agro-ecology, trekking, and sustainability

  • Environmental education programs

  • Social inclusion programs

  • Volunteer activities and programs for professionals

  • Artistic and cultural activities

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