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We are a non-profit organization created by the Chilean State to lead the implementation of the public program Sendero de Chile, an ecotourism and environmental education initiative that promotes and facilitates citizen access to knowledge and enjoyment of the natural environment and culture of the country.

What do we want to be? 


A collaborative instrument of public policies of ecotourism, environmental education, and social inclusion throughout Chile involving the active participation of citizens, public entities, and the private sector in order to generate a collective sense of belonging, identity, and responsibility for the values of each territory and corresponding heritage.

Our strategic objectives

1.- To promote the practice of hiking and other activities in contact with nature and Chilean heritage as modes of meaningful learning, promotion of healthy lifestyles, social inclusion, and better use of freetime as a citizen; and to promote the value of the natural and cultural heritage of each territory.


2.- To help to develop and promote sustainable use of a network of trails that allow citizens to enjoy and access knowledge of the natural culture of Chile, promoting institutional changes and innovation in public policies of tourism, protected areas, environmental education, and other social areas.


3.- To develop professional capacities in different territories to initiate local endeavors that offer services to visitors of ecotourism, education, and cultural environment in main natural areas and public spaces.

2020 Goals

1.- All the regions of the country develop networks of touristic hosts of natural areas and public spaces that offer ecotourism services, education, and a environmental culture based on trekking and citizen contact with the natural environment and that these ventures are economically sustainable.

2.- Establish links between the touristic hosts in these natural areas and environmental educational institutions, incorporating different teaching systems to their curricular planning.

3.- Establish links between touristic hosts in natural areas and various environmental social and territorial organizations through their social tourism programs and funds.

4.- Develop centers of excellence in matters of education and environmental culture at Vivero Cumbre in Santiago and Sur Vivo Gallery in Puerto Varas, and initiate operations in the Rio Olivares concession.

5.- The country adheres to the Trails Law which creates an operational unit in the Ministry of Public Works responsible for developing and maintaining pedestrian roads and trails as national goods for public use endowed with funds and resources to expropriate, indemnify, build, provide signage, and improve non-motorized routes.

6.- Create a national association “Friends of Sendero de Chile” to bring people together committed to the development of our projects through donations and volunteer service.


Our Board (2016-18) 


Hans Muhr 

Vice President

Helia Molina


Alfredo Prieto 


María Teresa Eyzaguirre 

Juan Carlos Castilla 
Miriam Fernández 
Carolina Leitao 
Consuelo Contreras 
Helia Molina 
Patricio Rodrigo 
Francisco Vio 

Our Team (2018)

Executive Director

Sebastián Infante 


Administration and Finances

Cristián Moscoso

Valparaíso Region Manager

Fernando Retamal

Metropolitan Region Manager

Gonzalo de Terán


Maule Region Manager

Rodrigo Aravena


Bío Bío Region Manager

Pablo Azúa


Araucanía Region Manager

Felipe Fuentes



Los Lagos Region Manager

José Dattoli

Director of Vivero Cumbre

Constanza Avendaño 

Vivero Cumbre Professionals

Juan Pablo Basanta

Ximena Núñez

Director of Sur Vivo Gallery

Rodrigo Trecamán 

Administration Manager

Ana María Caravantes 

Communications Manager

Catalina Infante

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