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Our History


2016 - 2018


2000 - 2009


2010 - 2015

We are a non-profit organization that obtained legal status in 2009 by decree of the Ministry of Justice. In the passing of the state budget of the previous year the decree stated that this foundation would be created to continue leading the implementation of the public environmental education program and “Sendero de Chile” ecotourism, until then executed directly by the former National Commission of the Environment (CONAMA) from 2001.

First Steps

Between 2010 and 2015, the foundation financed much of its operations by means of funds transferred through the Ministry of the Environment, executing programs of communication, education, and environmental awareness.


In this period, numerous outdoor and cultural educational trips were organized in more than 100 distinct routes throughout the country, benefitting more than 15,000 people per year. Among the participants were groups of schools (50%), local organizations (20%), and the general public (30%), who gained significant learning and gratifying experiences according to surveys at the end of each activity.


Since the year 2012 we have administered centers of environmental culture at Vivero Cumbre in Metropolitan Park in Santiago as well as Sur Vivo Gallery in Puerto Varas; the first specializing in hiking and agroecology and the second in hiking and biodiversity.


At the start of 2015, we obtained a tax concession in Rio Olivares, an area in the mountains near Santiago where we planned to create a third center of environmental culture, oriented towards general awareness about the importance of mountain ecosystems and at the same time allow local communities offer tourism services.


Also in 2015, commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment, we brought together various actors to form a national network of environmental education centers.

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